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Removing 磷 from your Wastewater

Whether it is a tried and true method of removing phosphorus or something a little more innovative – AquaPure experts can help you determine which process approach is best for your business.

On the cutting edge of treating waste water streams is rare earth elements. These provide a 1 to 1 atomic relationship with the phosphorus and also produce less sludge. Rare earth chemistry offers low dose rates, high removal capacity, with a friendly pH of 3-4 and a safe working environment.  另外, there are no equipment changes or capital expenditure costs associated with rare earth chemistry.

Phosphate By the Numbers:

100万+ – the anticipated dollar amount companies can expect to spend to remove phosphorus
893 – major treatment facilities with limits for phosphorus
30 – types of phosphorus species that can be present in your waste stream
27– the number of states currently regulating your waste stream
10 – the number of years until all 50 states will have phosphorous discharge limits in place
0.1 – mg/L total phosphorus that can be achieved with AquaPure chemistry

These are the numbers that concern manufacturers involved with pre-treatment, 阳极氧化, accelerated mass finishing and phosphate coatings.


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案例研究: Helping an Anodizing Facility Meet Permit Limits

The Challenge

An 阳极氧化 facility was struggling to meet a pretreatment permit discharge limit of 10mg/L for Total 磷. If the facility could not retain pretreatment permit limits, they would be at risk for fines and potentially having their permit revoked.



The Hubbard-Hall team, called in by the facility owners to help solve the issue, began by evaluating different chemistries to determine which chemistry would meet discharge criteria consistently.

磷 Removal Cost Comparison

化学Amt. Needed to Remove 1 lb. 磷Cost to Remove 1 LB 磷美国东部时间. 成本/ 1磅Ideal PH Range of EfficacyAmt. Needed to remove 80 LB of 磷Cost to Remove 80 LB of 磷
AquaPure CAL 1007.15磅$13.44$2.257-8572磅$1287.00
Calcium Chloride62.88磅$18.23$0.299.5+5040磅$1458.40
Ferric Chloride55.74磅$18.95$0.349.5+4459磅$1516.00
Poly 明矾inum Chloride57.18磅$34.88$0.619.5+4574磅$2790.40

*Note: Shown above is Hubbard-Hall CAL 100 – Results will vary based on chemistry used. Additional treatment is needed to bring pH level back to 7-8 for discharge.


  • Indiana announces updates to the states Nutrient Reduction Strategy
  • Ohio releases 2020 Nutrient Mass Balance Study for its major rivers
  • Updated SPARROW Model Results: Homing in on Sources of Nitrogen and 磷 in the Mississippi/Atchafalaya River Basin

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