清理难以清理的地方Aquaease 2289:清洁,脱氧和提亮在一个步骤

Hubbard-Hall‘s Aquaease 2289 is an organic acidic cleaner and brightener. 应用包括浸泡,超声波和喷雾, 表面包括铝, 铜, 镍和不锈钢合金.

清理难以清理的地方Aquaease Infinity®采用Arbortech膜技术

AquaEase Infinity is the first complete 清洁 and membrane separation technology to be paired together to prolong the life of your 清洁 bath and improve 清洁 quality. This system allows you to reclaim up to 98% of your 清洁 bath rather than throwing out 使用d cleaner, 哪种方法可以减少浪费,并将总清洁成本降低35%或更多.


This detailed product catalog gives an overview of AquaPure's precipitants, 凝结剂, 絮凝剂和消泡剂. 目录解释了表单, 使用, parameters and important technical comments for each AquaPure product listed.


AquaPure is Hubbard-Hall’s complete line of wastewater 治疗 (WWT) products for industrial manufacturers. AquaPure customers also benefit from an AquaPure technical team who can come on-site to do a wastewater Ho使用 Call.


哈伯德大厅’s line of Aquapure Quick Drop Clay Blends provide a one-step 治疗 for a variety of wastewater applications. These blends are formulated into a single product for simplifying and streamlining 治疗 to remove contaminants.


The Aquapure CAL series of rare earth chemistries from Hubbard-Hall are highly effective chemical agents for the removal of total phosphorus and phosphorus in combination with heavy metals, 油、油脂和氟化物.


Aquastrip offers a complete line of effective and economical stripping products for paint, 粉, CARC和有机涂层. 客户的生产率提高了22% & 改用我们的Aquastrip产品可节省高达85%的费用.


Hubbard-Hall offers a complete line of safer yet effective chemistry for exceptional heavy-duty industrial 清洁. There are several options for various substrates in spray, soak and electro清洁 operations.


在钢上产生耐用的黑色氧化转化涂层, 不锈钢和铜合金的黑魔法. 这条生产线不是油漆, 但真正转换后的金属表面不会剥落, chip or flake off while contributing little to no dimensional change.


澳门威尼斯人网上赌场带来的价值是其他化学品供应商所无法比拟的. 我们的经验可以追溯到内战之前, formulating process chemistry for various 黄铜 components from buttons to bullets.


Switch to Hubbard-Hall’s leading line of cleaners that are specifically formulated to clean deep drawn aluminum. 应用包括浸泡,超声波和喷雾. Our chemistry reduces processing steps and costs – sometimes by as much as 50%.


翡翠Paint-Prep is a line of low temperature and phosphate-free conversion coatings that offer a cost effective alternative to iron phosphate.


The Emerald product line from Hubbard-Hall offers earth friendly metal 清洁 and pre-治疗 solutions. The are formulated to be highly effective yet safer for the environment and workers.


澳门威尼斯人网上赌场热处理盐广泛用于硬化, 退火, 分级淬火, 回火, 等温淬火.


Founded in 1849, Hubbard-Hall is the oldest independent chemical distributor in the United States. 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场专家帮助制造商降低成本, complexity and chemical consumption with process efficiencies and product innovation. 现在是在首席执行官的领导下的第六代家族领导 & 主席,莫莉·凯洛格. 我们是超过2个国家的进步和可靠的合作伙伴,从军事到医疗设备等行业的300家公司. Our experts can help you in the areas of 清洁 (aqueous or solvent), 金属精加工及废水处理.

Hubbard-Hall化学 & 服务

拥有超过556种专利化学品, 提供一长串的分销商品和服务, Hubbard-Hall offers Manufacturers chemistry and expertise for today's toughest challenges.

完成最难完成的任务Hubfos 150

Hubbard-Hall’s Hubfos 150 process provides superior corrosion resistance when compared to traditional iron phosphates and many newer phosphate-free technologies.


全线抛光, 去毛刺, 清洁, descaling and cutting mass finishing compounds designed to work with your equipment and media.


Metal Guard 830htf是一种水溶性材料, hot test fluid additive designed specifically for today’s high performance, julian, 内燃机. Metal Guard 830 HTF is formulated to perform in both conventional and synthetic engine coolants while providing superior corrosion for all internal engine surfaces.


Precise corrosion resistance, lubricity, dryness and decorative finish for your application. The Metal Guard product line offers 42 rust preventatives variations specific to your 需要 based on the surface type, 持续时间, 曝光和胶片特性要求. 金属防护剂的配方包括:溶剂, 石油, 溶剂/油, 丙烯酸/石蜡乳剂, 水性(水).

完成最难完成的任务Metal Guard™900

Metal Guard 900 is proven effective to protect against corrosion in one easy step. 在完成之前或之后使用,简单地滚动并擦去. 不需要任何设备或储罐.


View our metal finishing processing guide that outlines the recommended metal finishing chemistry for aluminum, 铜, 黄铜, 不锈钢, 钢和锌.


下载 Hubbard-Hall’s metal stripping solutions offer increased efficiency with non-electrolytic, immersion chemistries to rapidly strip metal that is electro or electroless plated without impacting the base metal.


通过化学转化, 包括铜在内的各种金属, 黄铜, 青铜, 镍, 银和锡可以氧化产生黑色, 棕绿相间的古铜色.


Hubbard-Hall offers many products designed to meet military and other industry specifications. 下载 this document to see our various military product specification products.


专业生产金属精加工用化学品, 油漆前处理的范围很广 适用于黑色金属和有色金属. Our technologies ensure exceptional adhesion and corrosion resistance, 覆盖从浸泡到喷涂的各种工艺. 磷酸铁产品, 可提供单级至7级处理, 提供卓越的粘接和盐雾效果. 另外, our unique zirconium conversion coating process delivers advanced bonding and anticorrosion 治疗, while our phosphate free products provide a dry in place polymeric coating that crosslinks with subsequent topcoats for improved adhesion and corrosion protection.


Achieve an optimal finish with unique chemistries designed for 不锈钢 applications. From 清洁 to processing and coating, Hubbard-Hall offers several options to suit your 需要.


说到生产效率, poor 清洁 can compromise every step down the line - from finishes that don't last, 增加腐蚀, 废品率升高,设备受损.


作为金属加工领域的领导者 & finishing industries, we manufacture: Cleaners, Lubricants, Rust Inhibitors, Zinc & 磷酸铁系统 & 用于汽车、电器的油漆前处理 & 家具行业. 服务的其他行业包括:航空航天,军事,食品 & 采购产品饮料,包装原料 & 自有品牌调配计划. Torch Surface Technologies于2022年被hubard - hall收购.